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  1. As the second step, this module will explain to you the impact of history on farmer's choices, and consequently on the landscape.
  2. In this course you will learn to describe, as the first step of agrarian diagnosis methodology, an agricultural landscape and to formulate hypothesis about farmer's decisions, based on your observations of the landscape.
  3. In this lesson , you will learn how to make a topographic survey with a laser. As you learn in the last part, the survey should be the first step of the laser leveling. How to do it? Answer in this lesson.
  4. Before learning about laser land leveling, this lesson will remind you the advantages of land leveling. Land leveling is not a new practice in agriculture The question here is Why farmers massively choose laser technology to level their fields? Answers are inside this lesson.
  5. First, and most important, keep your power tiller clean. After every use, hose off the tiller and inspect it, giving special attention to the lubrificating, oil level and filter, radiator fin, and air cleaner elements. The objectives of inspection and maintenance are to (i) prevent accidents, (ii) operate a power tiller in the perfect condition, and (iii) ensure long machine life.
  6. Power Tiller could be describes as a versatile machine. What does mean versatile ? Why a power tiller can be describe like this ? In this lesson, you will discover the main functions of a power tiller, and the human, economic and environmental dimensions of its use.