Lecturers : Sopheak NOUN, Rada KONG, Florent TIVET, Camille GIRAUDET, Vuthy SUOS.

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You'll learn:

  • to define what is a cover crop and its diversity
  • to appreciate the main functions of cover crops.
  • to identify the benefits that they bring to the soil over the long term

Welcome to this course about cover crops. The following course is an overview about the diversity and the use of cover crops in Cambodia. You will learn what are the main cover crops, their functions and benefits and how to implement and manage it. The 4 lessons will guide you step by step to the knowledge thanks to many schemas, experts' videos, farmers' testimony and quizzes.

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  1. This first lesson, introduce the notion of cover crop which is a permanent or temporary cover of the soil by plants. Different plant species of the cover ensure a variety of fundamental ecosystem functions. They also provide high and diverse biomass production.
  2. We will describe here the main functions that could be provided by cover crops. Indeed, cover crops allow to protect soil from erosion, increase total biomass production, improve soil organic matter, nurture soil biota, improve soil structure, recycle nutrient, integrate pests and diseases management and integrate weeds management.

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